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Every review on this page is submitted by a real Mosquito Joe customer. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence our customer's feedback. Learn how Mosquito Joe customers are enjoying being outside again!

I love your service. Always an email prior to coming. If ever an issue you always return to make things right. Never any bad feelings or problems.

Cynthia A
Sep 22, 2018

The last two sprays have not taken care of our mosquito problems but you came and resprayed the first time. Not sure if the heat and humidy has added to this problem.

Laura J
Sep 22, 2018

I only regret I didn't do this earlier in the season.

Lori G
Sep 22, 2018

Friendly, courteous technician. Very conscientious! And wanted me to be pleased.

Debbie M
Sep 22, 2018

No more mosquitoes!!!

Molly S
Sep 22, 2018

This was a challenging year for mosquitoes because of all the rain we had and the drainage issues just outside our property in the common area. We appreciated you coming out during those in-between times when the skeeters were still so persistent. One thing: I had to keep asking the individual technicians who came out to do organic spray on my upper deck where I grow vegs, and there was at least one time when he didn't have it with him. Thanks!

Kathy O
Sep 22, 2018

Your service really cut back on mosquitos in our yard. We were able to enjoy our yard without getting eaten alive. You even came back and retreated our yard when we were getting bit. Thanks!!!

Barbara G
Sep 22, 2018

Always curtious and knowledgeable!

Angie D
Sep 22, 2018

Team was professional and easy to work with.

Robert B
Sep 22, 2018

Your receptionist is excellent! Professional, knowledgeable, helpful and kind! The fact that the mosquitoes are under control is excellent. My biggest concern was that your products were chemicals that could harm the children or pets and knowing that they are safe is great!

Tessie G
Sep 22, 2018