Commercial Pest Control in Akron, OH

Our mission here at Mosquito Joe of Akron is to allow your outdoor spaces to be a haven for enjoyment. We aim to offer you peace of mind by safeguarding against pests and insect-borne diseases.

In addition to residential services, we’re proud to provide pest control solutions for businesses in Akron and surrounding areas.Trust Mosquito Joe to protect businesses and municipalities in Akron, allowing your spaces to shine without any unwanted buzz—except for the glowing reviews of your outstanding business!

Mosquito Joe’s Method for Commercial Pest Control in Akron

We are proud members of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, and as such we conduct detailed property inspections. This allows us to design personalized treatment plans to treat your unique pest control needs. Our strategies emphasize an environmentally responsible approach to pest problems.

Our Range of Commercial Pest Control Services Available in Akron, OH

Mosquito Joe of Akron provides effective commercial pest control services that control mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas from your outdoor spaces. Regular applications are necessary for maintaining a swat-free and comfortable environment for your guests. Below are our various methods for commercial pest control in Akron:

Mosquito Control

Our skilled professionals target mosquito and flea breeding grounds, creating a strong barrier against new infestations.

Natural Mosquito Treatments

Every business property is different, so its pest control needs differ, too. In some situations, you may decide our natural treatment is the best commercial pest control service for your needs. This option utilizes potent insect-repelling essential oils like peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary, and garlic to protect your property from pest annoyance.

What Commercial Businesses We Service

Every space matters to Mosquito Joe of Akron. We provide commercial pest control services for a variety of businesses, some of which include:

Restaurantsoutdoor dining area

On warm pleasant days in Akron, outdoor dining is a special treat for many. It should be all about enjoying the food and atmosphere, not about swatting away mosquitoes. Mosquito Joe will ensure that your outdoor dining areas are inviting and allow your customers to savor their meals without becoming the main course.

 little girl hunting for easter eggsCommunity Centers and Churches

Are you planning a picnic, carnival, egg hunt, pumpkin event, or potluck? These fun seasonal gatherings bring people together for outdoor enjoyment and mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas have no place there. Don’t let these pests spoil your outdoor fun, check out our treatment options for your special event.

Yacht Clubs and Country Clubssomeone about to swing a club from a bag of mosquito joe golf balls

Guests and members at your club deserve quality time without swarms of insects disrupting their experience. Ensure an uninterrupted and enjoyable environment for your valued guests with our effective pest control solutions.

youth soccer team cheering after a huddleSports Fields, Mini Golf Courses, and Community Pools

There are ample opportunities for outdoor fun in Akron. Yet, being left covered in bites can overshadow these cherished outdoor memories. Ensure sports fields, mini golf courses, and community pools remain itch-free with our tailored solutions.

Camps, Daycares, and Preschoolslittle girl blowing bubbles

In these spaces, the priority should be on learning and enjoying without the hassle of annoying insects. Mosquito Joe understands the importance of uninterrupted activities. To minimize disruption during regular hours, we can apply our treatments after hours and on weekends.

 small white dog wearing a mosquito joe bandanaDoggie Daycares

Any reputable doggie daycare needs top-tier protection against fleas. Mosquito Joe goes the extra mile to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

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